Episode 4: Brooke’s Podcast

Brooke is my long time friend that I actually grew up with in Fairhaven MA. After childhood her and her family moved up to New Hampshire and low and behold we ended up at the same university together!

Brooke originally was my inspiration to embark on my year abroad as she did two semesters in Plymouth, England at their University of Plymouth.

Brooke really enjoyed her time abroad and found it harder than school here in the United States as the material is assigned and given/lectured and it’s the students job to make sure they know it rather than professors making sure their students understand the concept.

We talked about all sorts of things that are in regard to traveling and studying abroad, the differences she noticed and how to have the best and most successful time while traveling.

Mistakes, missed flights, and many things forgotten and gained.

Brooke and I both had weird experiences with Russians as when we both studied in England. They didn’t want to be our friends!!! Listen for the full story, it is so funny to experience different peoples.

When I was in Scotland, many students I asked about Brexit didn’t have much to say. Brooke said that when she was in Plymouth England, her Brexit knowledge really came from the News rather than from her peers. It’s interesting how students over they were more interested in knowing about Trump and how our election works rather than expressing their thoughts about Brexit.

It was fascinating to talk with Brooke and see her perspective about her time abroad and how England and Europe compare to America in her eyes.

Her bottom line for venturing outside of the US borders is to have an open mind to everything. It doesn’t matter where you are from when it really comes down to it, and I think this is an extremely insightful thing to take away from this podcast.


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