Episode 5: Jonathan’s Podcast

My friend Jonathan who sits next to me in one of my sociology lectures and I know he likes to travel and has some experience with foreign living.

He was born in France and also lived in Budapest, Hungary. His transition to America started in Wisconsin and then to the North Shore in Massachusetts. I was surprised to hear he lived in Wisconsin for 5 years and then after that remained in Massachusetts until he left for Plymouth State University.

Jonathan originally started out as a history and french major, then switched to english and french, and then finally came to the understanding that Political Science was the correct route for him to follow.

He travels to France every year to visit his family and is also traveling annually for Model UN, an international relations club having went to Panama City last year and was just in Madrid for the conference this year.

His father went to college in France, having been a French citizen all his life. The college system in comparison to U.S. college is harder he says in France as education is very merit based. However, the French university system is much more cost effective but it might be harder than you may previously think.

Jonathan is very liberal in his values and loves France indefinitely, especially for the way they run their government with a president and parliament. He thinks that there is a lot for America to learn regarding healthcare, education, public transportation and governmental structure from European example.

It was fascinating to hear Jonathan’s thoughts about traveling abroad and his perspective about Europe and America.  He is going to go very far with his progressive thinking and I can’t wait to see where he goes! Please listen to the podcast and sit in on Jonathan and I’s chat 🙂



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