Research Project Brainstorms


  1. I am working on the topic of -how socio economic class can influence students behavior abroad- because I want to find out -if people who grow up in entirely different environments deal with other cultures differently  – in order to help my reader understand better projections for students social behavior abroad.
    • I find this topic interesting because I found while abroad people from different socioeconomic backgrounds behaved differently in different countries. I feel like this would be worthwhile for my field of study because it will help others understand how they may act or feel when placed in another country pertaining to the research I compile. I believe the two disciplines that contribute to this topic would be social psychology and sociology.
  2. I am working on the topic of advertisement priming because I want to find out if corporations control social behavior in order to help my reader understand better the involvement of corporations in our personal decision making.
    • I think advertisement priming is really interesting because it may alter the way the viewers think and feel. By manipulating how people think and feel there is a certain level of power achieved from that. I am interested to explore how many people are cognizant of this notion and how they feel about their actions being influenced by corporations. I think this is beneficial to the viewer because the connection between advertisements and brain function aren’t readily known by the average person. However, they may possibly do have some great influence on how we go about our daily lives and I think that’s important to know. I believe the two disciplines I would need to do research within would be communications and psychology.
    • how different cultures apply advertisements to effect their particular populations in differentiating ways than that of the west/east
    • how and what advertisements appeal to what emotions/ result in certain actions
  3. I am working on the topic of cultural influence (individualist vs collectivist cultures) on mental health (anxiety/depression) of students because I want to find out how students behave abroad as opposed to home in order to help my reader understand better the connection between culture and mental health. (China-America-Sweden.)
    • Cultural influence on mental health is SO rivetingly interesting to me because while I was abroad for 9 months, I met so many individuals who varied ridiculously however we all shared the same age range and even basic beliefs about the world (basic civil liberties etc). I would like to explore where those alternative personalities come from due to how our cultures prepare us to be, while out in the world. Is anxiety disorder only an epidemic in the United States or do other countries have problems with it, or do they even recognize it as a problem all together? I believe this topic will be worthwhile to research because it can help the viewer understand the behavior and personalities of others while traveling or studying abroad themselves.  I think the two disciplines I would definitely delve into for this topic would be anthropology and cultural psychology, sociology, psychology.


  • Podcast about the cultural differences that exchange students from other countries  experience while at an American university
    • I think this is interesting because it would give American’s a different perspective they might have not heard about or even known to be apparent. I also think it gives the social psychology community some personal and first hand accounts of triumphs and valley’s people from other countries experience while studying here.
  • Podcast of AMERICAN students who have studied abroad and their accounts of their experiences. Troubles with mental health/ diet/ customs etc.
    • I believe this is important as well as the above topic because it helps to give American students the perspective of traveling abroad without having actually done it. Traveling is not for everyone and I find it really interesting to see how the various American’s I studied with overseas behaved while there. Some completely off the handle, others with complete control and aspirations for why they came, and then others who crumbled under the pressure and fled back home to comfort. I feel like challenges I would encounter would be having people really open up to me about their personal experiences, everyone isn’t as open to sharing as I am.
  • Create an online account of relatable experiences via journal entries I had written over the course of traveling.
    • this is a more artistic approach to my applied project as I wrote many poems and creative writings while I was abroad. I think it’s worthwhile because it does show the viewer a very real and authentic account of a person unprepared for what met her on the other side of the Atlantic. Issues I could encounter with this idea is some of the gore of my writings and to decipher which is most appropriate and relatable to the readers. This would be a series of online posts centered around a particular journal entry. Another issue is how I can turn each journal entry into a relatable read for someone else.
  • I could survey students who do use the schools group exercise classes in comparison to those who don’t and compare their results.
    • The reason I think this is an interesting applied project is because it could determine that people who workout for free via the schools resources are healthier mentally, or it would show that there’s no correlation at all. The problems I could encounter is collecting the data and analyzing it. But I literally have no idea how the results would pan out because I like to work out because I am perpetually anxious and depressed and it makes me feel better, however overall it doesn’t necessarily mean I am happier solely because I workout.
  • Interview professors who have done work, or studied abroad and compare the challenges or successes they experienced. But also how they believe the American university system compares to those of other countries. where can we improve?
    • I think this is an interesting applied project, as I would probably string all these together in a podcast like fashion. But I believe it gives the viewer an outsiders perspective of our American university system in comparison to other country’s from someone who as lived and experienced both entities. Problems I could encounter for this would possibly be trying to find enough candidates to interview, and asking the right questions so no one gets offended (a master art in this day and age).



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