Personal Learning Network Plan

Although I have never ventured down this route of education, I find it extremely enticing because I hold the controls for what I see, learn and share. This is my first go at a PLN plan, of course subject to errors I’m assuming. However I’m excited to get more interdisciplinary and more connected to those who have the same interests as me in my field.

  1. What did your research tell you about how people share ideas in your fields?

Essentially, as I have navigated 4 years of sifting through research in my field, I’ve come to find many things are written publications, documents of studies or meta-analysis’ being compared. So in retrospect, most research done in social psychology, sociology and psychology are usually written publications, sometimes in academic journals and sometimes not!

  1. What tools will best allow you to learn about new ideas in your fields?

I have just been browsing around word press and reading articles associated with search words like “social psychology”, “behavior and society”, “human interaction” and there are infinitely more I can search about. After searching I look through the articles or studies that come to my attention, I then click and read through things I find interesting. I feel this is a strong mechanism for learning because no one is telling me the rigid outlines of what i “need” to be learning, it is a completely individualistic approach to interdisciplinary learning.

  1. What tools will best allow you to connect with scholars and professionals in your fields?

I think by commenting on specific articles or offering my own perspective to other scholars or professionals in my fields will be a strong tool to use in order to connect! I believe bouncing ideas off of like-minded people is a great way to open up different pathways. Not only for knowledge acquisition, but also for future professional relationships.

  1. What tools will best allow you to share you own knowledge, experiences, and ideas with other people in your fields?

I believe by sharing articles I find intriguing or awesome will prompt people to see how I view learning! I also think that it’s important for me to maybe write an article or two in response to another thing I had read, either a critique or in agreement.

  1. How public do you want to be? Why?

I don’t really see my little platform becoming world famous and that’s why I am not in any way shielding away from the public platform that wordpress is. The reason why wordpress is such a great foundation for my PLN is because people are comfortable with sharing their ideas, research or critiques for everyone to see! I say Amen to that.

  1. How will you engage at least once a week with your Personal Learning Network?

Either by following people who I find contributory to my program, responding to articles or studies, asking questions where I feel there is uncertainty and to post my own findings!

  1. How will you know if your PLN is serving you well or not?

I feel like I will know if my PLN is serving me well because if I forget all about it… I won’t be paying much attention to my goals of achieving one. So if I find myself not engaged often as I think I should be, I will know there needs to be changes made.

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