Finding Value Without Finding a Price Tag

In this day and age value is often correlated with a price, a cost, a display. Meanwhile, the things that are actually of value continue to slip through our fingertips. Are you feeling more frustrated by the day with all the violence happening all over the world, and all the “funny memes” on Facebook that aren’t funny at all? Fed up with watching young girls put their Instagram likes, negative attention, and fake nail upkeep more of a priority than their families? Over viewing young men insult and also condone the mistreatment of women for a “tough” reputation? Sick of seeing troubling things that daily life concurs and wondering to yourself, “there must be a different way to live than this”.


It’s happening all around us, use this as a perfect exhibitor; a little boy spills soy sauce on his new polo shirt and his father screams out the price of the now stained garment, like the restaurant, or little boy should care. Truth is, that crap is just crap, we are placing WAY too much importance in things that can offer us nothing back. Yes, it is possible to enjoy the finer things in life but the addiction to materialistic items is a much better servant than a master.  Don’t become a servant to your materialistic extras, you don’t need them to be happy and you certainly don’t need to scream at your 4 year old in the middle of a restaurant for spilling soy sauce on a shirt. It’s just a shirt, your son is a human. Humans have feelings, ideas, reactions, talents, unique characteristics along with unique experiences, place value in those things. Polo probably made 50,000 shirts just like what your son is wearing, but Polo didn’t make your one of a kind kid, you did. Treat him as a human not a ruined price tag.

Treat people for what they are contributing to the world, not how good her extensions look and how fast his car drives. Treat people how you would want to be treated. Isn’t that something we learned in like kindergarten? But, now the world’s gotten a bit confused about how they want to be treated if we’re being honest. The original treatment  of people, to which that statement above refers, is a matter of respectful treatment. You respected someone not for what he did, but for the way that he did it. Now, it’s all about what you have and what you don’t, that’s not the raw version of respect. We are “respecting” people for their items that actually hold no value, and I think that’s fucking baloney.


We are living a parasitic lifestyle here, and we are the ticks. Sucking off the government for free handouts rather than getting up and working for it, sucking off of stupid brands and TV stars for imitation inspiration rather than using our dormant creative minds, sucking off of our significant others for falsified happiness when you have had it inside you all along. It does actually suck to suck, by the way. That saying now has a profound meaning since discovering how much we suck from society to fuel a fake life. Life is meant to be lived freely, not stressed out 100% of the time because you have to prove yourself and your attributes to everyone who passes you by. Just be.

Like I said previously, are you wondering if there’s a different way to live life without placing all your energy and value into material things? YEAH!!! How do you think our ancestors survived without all this shit? It’s simply a decision about if you want to trade your fake compliments for faker dirty looks, and be at peace with them. Trust me, everyone giving you a dirty look is wishing deep down that they had your courage. If you’re not happy with how you’re living because “it just doesn’t feel right inside” that’s because it’s not and your soul is desperately trying to get you to wake up. Don’t stay in a relationship just because he gets you a bunch of presents and pretends he loves you while he’s at the bar with his other girlfriend(s). His presence should feel like a present, you don’t have to be blackmailed into a relationship through materialistic items. Also, just because he gets you things doesn’t mean he loves you, if he treats you like he doesn’t love you, he doesn’t love you. Don’t make up excuses to why he’s mad for no real reason, don’t blame yourself or let him just “do his own thing” because if he really loved you he wouldn’t ever think of doing something that would in return, make you upset. Don’t let people who are blind in the mind, block you from seeing what you’re feeling inside. True love is so priceless. You know deep down this way of life is not right, this is not the way life is meant to be lived. Where is the love? The enjoyment? The lively and memorable experiences?

Oh, can’t find them, my face was stuffed into my phone screen, sorry.


People who share your same feelings and interpretations about the world are out there, I didn’t think anyone would think out of the box like I had all my life until I went to college. It somewhat has to do with your environment. Eliminating toxic people, we see the term all over social media, “toxic people this, toxic people that”. But it’s more about eliminating the toxicity within, find why you feel the need to prove yourself to people who will never matter and abolish it. Transform yourself, so the toxicity can’t even attempt to enter your mind, and then it won’t matter if you’re surrounded by suckers or by lovers, because you’ll always be a lover regardless. Choose love even if it’s difficult for others around you to understand. You’ll feel better in the long run.

Let us stop putting so much emphasis on making every situation perfect and just let the world flow the way it’s supposed to flow, no matter what the outcome may be, it is beneficial. I’ve come to find that being optimistic is sometimes a little too overzealous. Yes, it is important to always activate a positive mind and positive attitude, but if you only expect the best you’re going to find yourself pretty disappointed, pretty frequently. I think that if you visualize yourself in the worst possible circumstance going into a new experience and make yourself at peace with it, is the best game plan. Don’t stress over making it perfect because who knows what you’ll want when actually there, your previous interpretations of perfection could be totally altered and your preparations would be ruined. But, if you are at peace with the worst thing that could possibly happen while engaging in a new situation, you won’t ever be disappointed because anything will be better than what you have already suited up for. You won’t feel the need to use your assets as leverage to get someone to like you or want to be your friend, because you have faith all good will come eventually any who.


So if you cancel out the material items that don’t matter, and the egotistic trivial judgements, you will be living super large. Feeling freer, lighter, happier. Real happiness is different than fake happiness. Fake happiness I would define as viewing yourself through others eyes, sitting in your Mercedes, blasting music that you don’t even like with fake nails so long you can’t tie your shoes and chiseled caked on makeup may look like you’re happy to someone else but you don’t even resemble yourself? If you think you are experiencing real happiness, I will tell you if you aren’t exhausted you aren’t experiencing it. Real happiness takes effort, hard, beneficial, gritty effort. You are working everyday inside to cancel out foolish stressors, you’re taking more measures to do things right because thats the right way, not the easy way. You’re finding yourself hurting when others hurt and smiling when others smile, it’s no longer just about you. You know you’re truly happy and not suffering because your real smile is effortless in these times, even if the day was a struggle you will be able to smile with pride. This is because real happiness co-exists with loving all our brothers and sisters and trees and stones the same, as one cohesive being.

Nature shows no judgement, if you don’t want to feel judged, go sit in the forest, and if you don’t want to be judged for sitting in the forest, re-assess your motivations because that just sounds ridiculous. HA.

“Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles, that positively impact the world at large.” Shari Arison

Do good, feel good. Become fake to feel good, and good will end up bad.





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