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My thoughts on Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies

In the beginning, I came into Plymouth State with a mind completely jumbled up with what seemed like a hopeless bunch of too many things I didn’t know how to organize. I plopped myself right down in this seemingly large class for what I thought was a small major, and started to listen. I thought that Interdisciplinary Studies was going to be a place where I could make my dreams come true, and it ended up being exactly that

Me being a freshman coming straight from high school I didn’t know what many things meant never mind ‘Interdisciplinary’. But I knew what disciplines were and I knew what ‘inter’ meant. So I had an okay idea about how I would be incorporating different fields and disciplines into my overall idea but I had no idea about how much really goes into being an Interdisciplinarian. My view of this class at the beginning of the semester, I thought it was going to be super easy honestly, but as the weeks went by I realized this was the class I was most committed too. Not only was it challenging to try to grasp what I wanted to do with my program , but trying to grasp how Repko was laying out all the tools I needed in order to have the greatest chance of success in being a interdisciplinarian. Now, after taking this course I feel as though being an Interdisciplinary Studies major is one of the most complex and rigorous majors within Universities today. Depending on the disciplines you choose for your particular program, it can become more difficult than many majors. I would define Interdisciplinary Studies now as a major that offers so much depth within the major for self-exploration, making the individual more well rounded. Interdisciplinary Studies also leaves the student with more agility in the perspective work place.   My own program relies entirely on the IS principles because I had no other choice other than to become interdisciplinary, unless I was going to double major and double minor. Even still after all the thinking about doing a double minor and major, there were so many classes I didn’t want to take within those mandatory class selections of these majors. My program really grasps the wide spread knowledge and creative thinking that has such a large portion of the IDS principles. I am taking courses from Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, Spanish, Language and Linguistics and finally some political science. Because I needed to include all these different fields and disciplines into my program, IDS was the way to go for me, and I’m thrilled I have found my place here.

Interdisciplinary Studies matters to universities because what better way to produce well rounded leaders than to incorporate many fields of knowledge so the student will have a better problem solving strategy in any situation. Interdisciplinary Studies really focuses on perspective taking as a key value in overcoming problems and coming to a comprehensible understanding for all involved. Worldwide, interdisciplinarity is everywhere, our earth’s media and knowledge packed databases are the reason you need to be interdisciplinary; to be able to migrate from many fields to reach a goal is something world leaders do everyday, not because they’re trying to act Interdisciplinary, but because that is reality, and that is exactly what they are required to do.

Some aspirations for my future include; having an understanding for all people and their situations, to be a professional human being in all of my career situations, yet to also bring that professionalism to my everyday life. I know that the IDS program has already helped me extensively, and I’m only a first semester freshman. Knowing that this university is becoming fully interdisciplinary next year, truly makes my heart smile with happiness, everyone deserves the experience that I’ve had in this amazing community. A huge Thank You to everyone who’s involved with making this program as fantastic as it is. Thank you for letting me find my home.

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