This is real, this is me, this is exactly where i’m supposed to be.

Sociological Approaches to Translation and Interpretation

My program is named Sociological Approaches to Translation and Interpretation, but it is really so much more than just a title. Though it may have a long name, it is because my program reaches far and wide across multiple fields and disciplines, disciplines such as; Spanish, Languages and Linguistics, Sociology and Psychology, Environmental and Societal problems, and lastly Politics and Criminal Justice. Believe me, I am aware that this is an immense list of things I need to incorporate into my program, but all the more reason to be in the best spot for my situation, Interdisciplinary Studies. What I look to do is create a program here that I can eventually be able to know and learn every part of society through, in order to translate Spanish and hopefully American Sign Language for people and organizations in need of my skill. I realized my passion while volunteering at my local Salvation Army; I was briefly translating for the underprivileged people receiving our aid. The look on their faces after I helped them and wished them a ‘Merry Christmas’ was something I had never experienced before. True gratitude and appreciation toward me, just some stranger trying my hardest for them to understand my broken Spanish. I could clearly notice some where also in poor health, mentally and physically and thought to myself, “I wonder if I can be a translator for all of this”. That one simple thought is what has brought me to this day, aspiring to make my dreams come true. I do not know the career that waits ahead for me, therefore I wish to have the versatility and knowledge to translate and interpret for the many different areas of our lives. I have been told to major in Spanish and to minor in psychology or criminal justice, to just learn the language and knowledge and be done with it. But even though it is true I am going to need to learn the language, I do not need to know just the language by itself. It’s also true that I will need to grasp the knowledge in criminal justice and psychology, but there is a need for me to undergo many more disciplines than just those three. I am interested in knowing how our society’s structure is built. I’m interested in understanding the troubles people are having and understanding the tools needed to help them. I am in search of a program in which I can be able to aid all aspects of mental health and the justice system, therefore requiring me to apprehend to the specific knowledge those two fields entail. It’s not singularly language, environment and health, or social services, politics or criminal justice I am after. I’m trying to integrate all feilds into my innovative idea of greatness.

Foreign Language

In the beginning I wanted to focus my major into mostly language because it is indeed one of the most important parts of the idea I’m after. I wish to master reading, writing, speaking of Spanish, and Signing, in order to easily access the other focuses of my program. To incorporate language into different disciplines is defined as bilingualism, a fantastic skill to have in such a diverse world full of different cultures and societies. Courses that follow after these ideals are as follows: LL2000 Introduction to Language and Linguistics (which would suffice as my QRCO), LL2950, 2960, American Sign Language I, and II. Applying to the emphasized Spanish aspect of this program are courses such as; SP3030 Advanced Spanish (which I am already enrolled in, and counting as my TECO), SP3220 Advanced Spanish Composition (which suffices as my WRCO), and SP3330 Spanish Conversation, Phonetics, and Phoneology. To entirely form my Spanish speaking, writing and reading proficiently, I am also going to have to tackle some courses that offer overall understanding of Hispanic society, justice system and culture, within the U.S. and outside. Courses like IS4360 Cultural Diversity in American Society, SP3080/3090 Spanish for Criminal Justice I, and II and to conclude, LL1010 Fundamentals of Languages and Cultural Studies. These courses are not a part of my major’s 51 credits, yet they are very important General Ed’s that pertain to my overall program: IS4370 Hispanic Culture in the United States, SP3170 Spanish for Social Services, and SP3190 Spanish for Business.

spanish speakers

            A very specific yet broad section of my major is the understanding of people sociologic problems and concerns. I have much interest in this subject and wish to help people with any issues regarding the justice system, drug addiction, or use, and above all, mental stability and health. I feel close to this subject because I grew up in a beautiful little town just a stones throw across the river from one of the most impoverished, addiction dependent, and unemployed stricken cities in Massachusetts, New Bedford. I have seen at a first hand account of what drugs, poor health, and low income have done to the minds and bodies of my neighbors. For example, currently in New Bedford they do not have a single youth translator for the young people being arrested and put through processing, and that makes me sad and willing to make the arrangements to situate myself so these instances do not occur. Courses that identify and really exercise these concerns are as follow; HE3700 Drug Behavior, SO3380 Drugs and Society, PS3030 Social Psychology, PS3220 Cognitive Psychology, and IS4500 Comparative Social Services.


With my major’s lengthy course list, I’m not simply searching for a brief look at issues that I can translate and interpret for but entirely understand those issues inside and out to give that person or organization my best and most helpful response. I want to be able to have a: customer, patient, victim, or even a criminal to be able to access me as a tool for them to receive the exact and most accurate service according to their needs. To be able to give all of my knowledge from all the different fields included in my program to those, whom require it, is truly what I hope to do in my future. Though I’ve said many times how I wish to help the issue, I’m not here to focus on just the bad news. I have ambition to deliver the best and most successful outcome pertaining to the certain situation and with those I encounter, just in another language. I placed myself in Interdisciplinary Studies in hopes that I can accomplish all these things even though they may seem as a stretch, but I know that if I am given the tools to exercise my aspirations there will be nothing that is out of my reach.

One thought on “This is real, this is me, this is exactly where i’m supposed to be.

  1. Kelly Ochoa

    Wow, Taryn. I had no idea that you had such a strong interest in studying Spanish. I wish you luck. If you ever need someone to chat with in Spanish when you are home, you know where to find me.


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