Bye Guinea Worms, Thanks EVERYONE.




guinea worms


In 1986 the Carter Center, started by President Jimmy Carter began it’s fight against Guinea Worms.  A parasite that is contracted through contaminated water, in 1986 the Guinea Worm infection was known to be victimizing over 3.5 million people in 21 countries all across Africa and Asia. Now, there are only 12 known cases mostly concentrated in Southern Sudan.

But the expulsion of Guinea Worms was not only decimated by Jimmy Carter himself, unfortunately for him; he was diagnosed with Melanoma last month and made it his dying wish to see the last of Guinea Worms once and for all. But how? How could Carter and his foundation do this in time. The answer is resources and helpful individuals and many different organizations to all collaborate efforts to truly expel this awful parasite forever.

The National Ministries of Health help out by oversee domestic Guinea worm elimination programs and train field workers and show staff how to eliminate Guinea Worms on their own.

The World Health Organization is responsible for certifying countries as Guinea worm-free, and is the only organization that can officially certify the eradication of a disease.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides technical assistance and verifies whether worms from final patients are truly Guinea worms

UNICEF mainly assists countries by helping to provide safe sources of drinking water to priority areas identified by the national Guinea worm eradication programs

In all these organizations efforts,  donations to the Carter Center went sky high.

4 million dollars worth of larvacide (which is a non-harmful chemical that kills guinea worm larvae and mosquito larvae in water) was donated.

2 million square yards of water filtering nylon was donated.

9 million straws with built in filters were also donated to the Carter Center, enough for every man, woman and child at risk of the disease in Sudan, the Carter Center reported.

All these donations and help sent to the Carter Center by all these different organizations, proves that the more the merrier, and by yourself you may be weak but together you are strong. Interdisciplinarity is everywhere you look whether it is making a delicious dinner, or eradicating a parasite from the earth. Using different intellects from many different areas help everyone in the long run. In this situation it helped Jimmy Carter receive his dying wish, by getting the word out to various people to donate, or just further research into how to get rid of the Guinea Worms.

Watch here how Jimmy Carter talks about eradicating the Guinea Worm

One thought on “Bye Guinea Worms, Thanks EVERYONE.

  1. actualham

    Great story! What do you see as the DISCIPLINES that are involved here? Would be cool if you could tease that out a bit… Good choice for an interdisciplinary success story for sure!


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