Obviously Abortion.

Quite the header, “Obviously Abortion”… don’t let it scare you, I just needed your attention.

No, I am not going to have a huge pitch on my thoughts of this extreme controversial issue, i’m only going to address how many disciplinary perspectives are inside this matter.

When I read “Select an object, behavior, or controversial issue and identify at least two different disciplinary perspectives on it” my mind immediately jumped straight to abortion. Yes, very dramatic, but I have always been fascinated with the entire situation thats been going on for some 40 years now on the topic of abortion. But things don’t just randomly spring up and become controversial, the whole point in my eyes, of something being controversial is that it must have many characteristics as an issue.

With Abortion, there are many factors. Theres the religion aspect, the political aspect, the medical aspect. Yes I agree with abortion if you were wondering, but I’m not here to pass any judgement or harsh someones mellow. So i’ll stop there with my opinions. 🙂

All very different areas of society that come together to argue until their little pants fall off basically.  Generally speaking, the church is against abortion thats been a thing for what they claim, forever. Politically you can take two sides, hard core conservatives are throwing the towel in with abortion they want no more!!! The conservative group feels as though persons who are aborting their unborn child are wasting a life.  Or you could choose the more liberal side which include more people trying to get everyone else to calm down about it because they feel people have the choice to do what they wish with their lives!! Again, two very different disciplinary perspectives.

Quite literally the medical aspect just has to do with the actual procedure, they usually don’t get into the debate due to the fact their job is not to debate but better yet be a medical person and do medical things for people who need medical procedures.  But they are a prominent factor in this little controversial equation because there could not be abortions in a clinic/hospital if people like them did not exist. It simply couldn’t happen in any humane standards thats for sure. Medically speaking, the people designated to perform the abortions are there so home remedies and conventional ways to become un-pregnant, don’t occur. Thankfully.

Many factors that usually don’t have to integrate until they want to debate are present constantly in this issue, it now seems that politics and religion are similar now because with how much the two are represented either with each other or against. But by the book they are two different and individual parts of society that come together in this situation along with the medical side as well.

One thought on “Obviously Abortion.

  1. actualham

    That was actually a really interesting example that I hadn’t thought of before! You have a great blogging voice, so DEFINITELY start adding images and links to make your multimedia writing come alive!


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