(Interview with my Professor) La Entrevista con mi Professor!!

Sr. Garcia is a Professor here at Plymouth State who so nicely agreed to an interview by me, Taryn Macgregor. I am one of his students in his Advanced Spanish course, and thought to myself “well considering I wish to become a Spanish translator, might as well ask my current Spanish Professor for an interview”, and thankfully, he said yes.

Sr. Garcia teaches all Spanish classes: from beginners to advanced because he is a native speaker. He also teaches a Hispanic culture class, first year seminar for immigration class, including a literature classes on Latino writers within the United States.

Already as you can see Sr. Garcia teaches many different subjects within one discipline, Spanish. But to achieve most effective teaching he must include as a Professor different disciplines within his classes.

Its not just like Sr. Garcia woke up one day and decided he was going to be a professor for all these different classes; of different levels and intellect. He had to work to pertain these different skills in, writing, Latino writers, all the different Latino cultures, and immigration knowledge as well.

Because he does not only teach just the Spanish language, that alone makes him an interdisciplinary teacher, including knowledge and facts and understanding from a variety of different areas.

In my interview with Sr. Garcia, he quotes “ the Hispanic Culture course is interdisciplinary, it has to do with Latinos in the U.S. but also has more of a sociological, historical aspect to it” because it takes from many different areas of study, is what makes Sr. Garcia’s class so well rounded.

When I asked Sr. Garcia what he thought he could incorporate into his classes to increase and better learning he said he has “ always been very interested in technology and language” which are two very different things that can work most seamlessly together to collaborate greatness.

Sr. Garcia also said that he enjoys history greatly and feels that is a great teaching skill in many of his culture and civilization courses.

In my path here at Plymouth State I hope to leave ready to be a court translator in the Spanish language. I asked Sr. Garcia what other courses would he recommend me taking, and his response was to look into information regarding federal interpreters/translators. To see what and how they got to the place they are now. Generously, Sr. Garcia sent me some great information on the court system and their interpreters via email, which I investigated intently.

Courses at Plymouth and beyond Sr. Garcia suggested I should look into many composition courses along with a phonetics and phonology course, and the Hispanic Culture class, which are all offered here at Plymouth State University. To correctly learn conversation and more importantly correct pronunciations of different Latino dialects and regional differences.

Thankfully not only was Sr. Garcia a fantastic person to interview for this topic and course, but he is also my advisor. I believe with much of the help given to me in this interview I will succeed greatly as an Interdisciplinary Major, just hearing how many different subjects and knowledge is taught by him gives me great hope; that I can take knowledge from many different areas of study to construct myself something wonderful! Thankyou Sr. Garcia!



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