Lets Value A College Education, Shall We??

Question #2.” In your opinion, how do you think interdisciplinary studies can add value to your college education?”

In my opinion, in which I have many, interdisciplinary studies is one of my favorite of all. In previous months I was so nervous for Interdisciplinary Studies cause in theory it is a bit intimidating. The student is making their major because thats what they have to do in particular to get where they need to go, the student must make the right choices and learn from the wrong ones while selecting courses so they can accomplish what they’re really coming to college for, a career in which they love. So I say, onward with interdisciplinary studies because how does it NOT add value to your college education, it simply IS the value of your college education because ” integrative learning is a short hand term for teaching a set of capacities……… that enables graduates to put their knowledge into effective use.” (pg 25). Now who in their right mind would want to go to college to not gain effective knowledge?  Thats a question I greatly ponder, why pay all this money for an education that isn’t even something you can connect with in real life! The initial “purpose of interdisciplinary studies is to develop your capacity to integrate knowledge”(pg 27) into the greater picture, which is life after college. This program is something I already value greatly, I have the power to make myself. So lets begin making me!!

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