Creatively Intelligent, according to me.

“3. Of Sternbergs three types of “successful intelligence,” which types do you believe you already possess and which do you believe you need to develop further?”

The three successful intelligences according to Sternberg are; Creative Intelligence, which formulates ideas and makes connections, Analytical Intelligence which breaks down a problem into it’s component parts, solves problems and evaluates the quality of ideas, to lastly Practical Intelligence where you apply the aspects of an idea in an effective way , whether in business or in every day life.

I feel as though I connect greatly to Creative Intelligence/Practical Intelligence because I constantly find  myself coming up with alternative and interdisciplinary ways to look at issues or really any situation I come across. For example just the other day my group and I had to research South Africa in math class. One of the topics we needed to explore was the South African counting system. Unfortunately for me, I have never been to South Africa and neither had any of the girls I was paired with. We hit a bump in the road when we could not find a counting system that was applicable to South Africa, we searched and searched on the web and still could not find anything useful. So I thought to myself, as everyone was about to give up that though South Africa is a single country, I know that Africa is packed with hundreds of tribes of different language speaking, counting individuals. So I looked up, most prominent tribes in South Africa and found counting systems for the most popular tribes in South Africa. Some times you need to think outside the box to create the best answer. We were never going to get anywhere on our research if we had just only searched ” what is South Africa’s counting system”.. mostly because it technically does not exist.


Proof that different disciplines ranging far and wide are useful for intricate problems.


I think I need to definitely work on trying to better my Analytical Intelligence mostly because, I usually am too quick thinking and I jump to conclusions rather than trying to analyze the situation adequately.

One thought on “Creatively Intelligent, according to me.

  1. Great post! Consider changing your titles so the posts are more accessible and inviting to folks who are not in our class… And check this tip sheet for ideas on how to make your posts even more engaging (for example, by adding hyperlinks and images): But this is a terrific start! Good work mixing specific examples, info from the text, and your own opinion…


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